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Platform to sell commercial APIs

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With many commercial APIs, there is a need for one unified platform to manage access to those APIs and bill clients depending on the usage stats, applying the same approach on different websites managed from the centralized admin panel.
To run a new API, the client only needs to develop the core API. The remaining infrastructure comes out of the box and could be quickly integrated. The business logic is unified for all marketplaces. A centralized admin panel allows monitoring and managing sales.
  • Design a platform architecture accessed via API, with horizontal scalability.
  • Design a user registration module which allows new users to sign up for an API, and perform standard operations like changing passwords, confirming emails, logging in, etc.
  • The API product website contains thin interfaces only, all business logic is isolated.
  • Pricing / subscriptions: from the admin panel the API owner sets up items for sale, their pricing and billing models. The API product website only outputs the data retrieved via API.
  • Develop purchase mechanics via Stripe and PayPal to allow users to buy a subscription.
  • An API access control layer including usage stats and requests throttling inhibiting.
  • A three-component data layer ready for horizontal scalability.
  • Full output stats in the admin interface.

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