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Medical records system
6 month

Delivery time

Designing and developing an HIPAA-compliant medical record exchange system for private practices in the Canadian market.
Test in real clinical practice, prove that the concept developed is eligible to maintain the medical records exchange process. The system is deployed.
  • Research the subject area of medical documents exchange in Canadian medical practice.
  • By liaising with customers, create business processes diagrams.
  • Design the system architecture: business logic is isolated in the API, front-end is independent to allow developing a similar mobile application in the future.
  • Write specifications, technical requirements and sketch wireframes.
  • Develop the application.
  • Design a tool to allow construction of medical records input forms needed for a particular medical unit.
  • Generate printable PDFs upon request.
  • Create an access control system with multiple access layers and roles.
  • Medical records storage, versioning/amendment and digital signature.
  • Account approval system based on personal Medical Registration Number.
  • Patients address book.
  • Stripe-based paid subscriptions management.
  • Interim monthly release to get early customer feedback.

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