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Lead generator for the domain name sales platform

Calls to leads daily

The system tracks down expired domains on a daily basis. The marketing department needs a tool to generate leads.
Sales team gets a daily whom-to-call list. Sales are running.
  • Implement an automatic lead generation tool and working interface for the sales team.
  • Calculate keywords for the given domain name: break domain name into separate words, add synonyms and different word orders, exclude common words, decode abbreviations, etc.
  • Implement google search results parser: find companies matching the keywords generated.
  • Crawl and parse the companies' websites to get contact phone numbers and email addresses.
  • Prepare call list for sales team: work out which numbers to call to sell given domain name.
  • Implement admin interface: each sales person logs in, starts calling, inputs call result and creates an invoice if client accepts proposal.

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