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Internet security analysis platform

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Design a product which gathers as much information as possible about a host in one place to provide 'first look' information to security analysts.
By researching the best existing internet security analysis solutions, we worked out a solution which fills the gaps. The new product is up and running. The user base grows constantly.
  • Iteratively prototype user interface to output complex information in a clear and user-friendly manner.
  • Research internet protocols in detail to work with those on lower levels.
  • Collect information from protocol requests, port scans, external services and 3-rd party APIs, etc. - to analyze the host.
  • Multithreading workers scalable system allows analyzing many hosts at once.
  • 2-layer data storage system.
  • Crawl, parse and import public security databases.
  • Analytics layer analyzes the data received and provides suggestions and rating scores.
  • Write technical documentation and user guides.
  • Store all the analysis data and build internal trend reports.

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