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Chatbot construction platform
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Create a platform to design chatbots able to communicate via Facebook and Telegram for a Mental health clinic.
The system was delivered from a raw idea to a production-ready solution and tested in a real therapy practice.
  • Research current body of academic texts regarding mental health software and apps covering automated therapy, and various tools to help cope with depression, anxiety, addictions, and other mental issues.
  • Learn theoretical basis of counseling approach applied in given clinic.
  • Experiment with different technological approaches: IBM Watson, Prolog-based logic, LISP-based knowledge bases, custom solutions, etc.
  • Design system's architecture and develop logic programming algorithms and knowledge storage data structures.
  • Develop MVP.
  • Integrate API developed with Facebook and Telegram messengers.
  • Develop admin panel to enable admins to educate bots.
  • Interim release to get fast customer response, on a 2-week basis.

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