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API to access data collected from daily updated multiple sources

Data entries
collected daily


Average response


Requests served
per second

Develop an API which returns unified data collected from 7 existing data sources of different structure, updated daily.
Developed 3 data layers to collect and analyze data arrays. Implemented trend monitoring system. Designed modern user-facing website showing resulting information. Re-calculation performed on a daily basis.
  • Crawl, parse and analyze data from 7 possible data sources on Internet.
  • Import data into unified data structure and analyze data quality.
  • Select 4 good data sources and implement a crawler which collects information on a daily basis, automatically and fail-resistant.
  • Develop fast-access data structures, automatically re-import data from archive datasets, post-process it to make output consistent and remove inconsistent data.
  • Develop a high-load Go application deployed to Heroku.
  • Several round-ups to fine-tune performance.

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