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Digital consulting company


We deal with all aspects of digital service development from shaping an idea and crafting a concept to developing the product, maintenance and analytic-based optimisation.

Based in Helsinki, Finland, we work with clients from the United States, Canada, Australia and many more. All our team members possess degrees in Computer Science and a lot of experience in business process management. They bring this wide experience to the world of modern web solutions.


We deliver excellent
API-driven web services


We turn your concept into a full digital solution. We excel at responsive web front-end and scalable back-end development.

API development
and integration

API is the basis of modern architecture approach. If you need to develop an API, isolate business logic into a separate layer or integrate your services into a 3rd party API - we’ll do it for you.

Data solutions

Gigabytes of data imported, post- processed, analyzed and smoothly accessible - all on a daily basis? No problem.

High-load solutions

Don’t let your product reach its performance limits. Scalable architecture suitable for increasing workloads is an essential part of modern products. We can drastically increase your system’s performance by gently fixing bottleneck parts of the system.

Usability and design

We create modern eye-catching and easy-to-use interfaces to evoke a positive emotional response from end users.


You can turn to us with any issues regarding your web systems. We also proactively monitor the system and start working on issues before your clients or competitors even notice them. We can also develop a strategy to revamp and update your entire system.

Custom solutions

We have achieved outstanding
results in numerous challenging tasks

Internet security analysis platform

Design a product which gathers as much information as possible about a host in one place to provide 'first look' information to security analysts.

Solution details

Platform to sell commercial APIs

With many commercial APIs, there is a need for one unified platform to manage access to those APIs and bill clients depending on the usage stats, applying the same approach on different websites managed from the centralized admin panel.

Solution details

Medical records system

Designing and developing an HIPAA-compliant medical record exchange system for private practices in the Canadian market.

Solution details

Lead generator for the domain name sales platform

The system tracks down expired domains on a daily basis. The marketing department needs a tool to generate leads.

Solution details

Multi-dimensional stats analysis over a large dynamic dataset

With complex and numerous data entities updated daily, build a user-facing website to display various trends in the data.

Solution details

Load balancing and performance tuning for an existing API

With existing servers down twice a week under increasing load, there was a need to change the infrastructure or even rewrite the service.

Solution details

API to access data collected from daily updated multiple sources

Develop an API which returns unified data collected from 7 existing data sources of different structure, updated daily.

Solution details

Chatbot construction platform

Create a platform to design chatbots able to communicate via Facebook and Telegram for a Mental health clinic.

Solution details

Email notification module for a legacy system

A legacy system with multiple independent modules does not always send notification emails as the code is duplicated many times across the codebase.

Solution details

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